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 2017 study tour by Forum members and community          Sample Feedlot in Botswana.

leaders at  Farm Ranch in Botswana.                                 



  Typical Feedlot water reservoir Botswana.                               Forum and Ministry of Agric Botswana group photo.



Community consultations in process at Maloraneng village.        Periodic and uncontrolled water distribution at Patiseng village   

                                                                                             supplied by Letseng Mine. 



       Results of uncontrolled water supply Patiseng village.                 Rationed weekly water supply at Patiseng village. 


             Unprotected water source at Patiseng village.                   Unprotected water source at Maloraneng (drawing from

             Pit was abundoned by Letseng Mine cotractor                  dirty streams)                                


            Letseng Mine tailings visible from A1 North road to 


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